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2 years ago

The March Of The Trees

Pascal Derrien · They were all on their way, the Cedar trees from Lebanon, the mountain pines from the Italian Alps or the giant Sequoias from Yosemite. From roots to needles , from wild leaves to elegant ramifications, from skinny young alpine trees to large wooden trunks. All were marching in o ...

3 years ago

Last Man Standing

Pascal Derrien · Gavin is chased by an elite patrol from the Government of the #6 Area, a district situated north of Cape Town formally known as South Africa. Gavin has managed to escape his seven hunters for a while now. As far as Gavin knows, those seven highly trained officers are the best of ...

4 years ago

Little Man

Pascal Derrien · Of us, it is said that we are like twins · Yet at the moment it seems that only one of us appear to have a thick skin · Whatever is the trouble it's surely not about blowing the biggest bubble · I agree it's not easy to fit, where is it that you find the well known and fully grow ...

4 years ago

The Trolley Man

Pascal Derrien · I am going to bed with my teddy I think I am 9-year-old but maybe I am 6 only. · We moved around here in early June, a tired rented house in the country side. The barn next door is pretty cool and I was told that for four weeks there was no point in joining a new school. · I like ...

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