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  • Neil Smith

    Glacier Days. Iceland 2000 part two.

      · This is the second instalment of a three-part account. The first can be found here; ...

    2 days ago · 7 min. reading time · 5 comments · 4 relevants

  • Neil Smith

    Lovin' a cold climate

      · Iceland 2000. · The snow started to fall, the wind blew sharply across the campsite and the fabric of the tent was flapping.  I though, ...

    4 days ago · 6 min. reading time · 6 comments · 5 relevants

  • Neil Smith

    Carry that weight. (In a well fitting rucksack.)

    The above is a diagram of a human back, which can easily be viewed as a marvel of evolutionary engineering. An S-shaped spinal column surrou ...

    3 weeks ago · 4 min. reading time · 7 comments · 5 relevants

  • Neil Smith

    Darkness on the Edge of (London) Town

    1984/85 was my final year of high school. I was no great student, didn’t like school and was a shy, insecure outsider. I did a sixth year be ...

    4 weeks ago · 12 min. reading time · 2 comments · 4 relevants

  • Dublin Protective

    Get Flat Roof Waterproofing Service Dublin

    Taking care of your roofs is something that has great importance. So be mindful and opt for the best methods and services to get the best  f ...

    1 month ago · 1 min. reading time · 0 comments · 0 relevants

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