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Regular Guy Blues

Regular Guy Blues

I am a regular guy, a simple guy who did not go too far in the land of academia, that said past the attribution of an average leaving certificate I ended up in a prestigious Parisian university, my brain was to be fully engaged on the pursuit of a superior diploma in History however I realized quickly that while I liked History I did not like studying it and this became apparent to me almost immediately. I spent the following two lazy years waiting for deliverance, it took the form of a fantastic exam failure which in turn signified the end of my academic curriculum.

I am a university drop out statistic, we are mocked by the knowledge legion who like big words, verbatim, quotes, the same love worshiping their diplomas results, they strive when comparing their misplaced pride while laughing at us because we seemingly did not have the drive or capacity to go thru the various milestones of the system. Fort those of us who didn’t want to fall into the trap of populism or be at risk of being excommunicated from the society of learning it left us with the only opportunity to build our own terms of reference if that’s what they need to be called.

I am child of the pop culture, it suits me better hence I understand classic poetry but I can’t read it, I can read large essays but they bore me, I tried and tried but finally came to the realization that the reason why I was not even reaching page twenty of any white papers and other intellectual authors publications is because they did not speak my language……

Apocalypse Now

The visual above is an excerpt from the story board of the famous movie featuring Marlon Brando and Martin Sheen, Apocalypse Now the film is an integrated part of my personal journey. I was introduced to it by a movie fanatic, I have liked a few others namely some work from Ken Loach but no other motion picture has ever had the same impact on me than Apocalypse Now. It’s difficult to describe why I got hooked to it from the opening scene all the way to the mystical end.

I know it’s not about the director, it’s not about the actors, it’s beyond that. Maybe it is the story or maybe it’s the multifaceted odyssey of a human journey sinking into the land of contradiction. There has been numerous interpretations and analysis but I am unsure I can subscribe to having a definitive point of view about it. This is a moving piece of art which I have been coming back to regularly when I need some headspace since I am twenty-year-old, I have sometimes found myself closer to Colonel Kurtz, sometimes I understand Captain Willard sometimes I smile at the absurdity of why you would be surfing in the middle of Nam while admittedly I thank my lucky star I was never called up for the first Iraq War……

Regular Guy Blues


Against Me

I often say I am fascinated by people and their stories, music has always meant to me more than just a few notes and words on a sleeve as cliché as this may sound.

I discovered this band around 2006 and I developed a quasi-obsession with a few of their titles including Borne On The FM Waves of the Heart. Their music and song writing connect with me in a way that do not need an intellectual premium account or a badge of honour. It’s raw, sensitive, sharp and aggressive at the same time.

In 2012 the lead singer and band founder Tom became Laura Jane, some media and music people became ambiguous about the future of the quartet but the songs from previous albums resonated differently, the kaleidoscopic message of some lyrics became more obvious…

This is not poetry, the style is direct but soothing, the interpretation is so humanly human that you may feel at times you have hopped on a goose bumps train destination emotion city.

Regular Guy Blues

I am still laughing with satisfaction at the idea that Bob Dylan got awarded the Nobel Prize.

They say don’t judge a book by its cover, indeed there is probably more that

Meet the eyes……



Against Me @ AntiQuiet

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Story board AN


Laura Jane Grace on George Stroumboulopoulos

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Pascal Derrien

4 years ago #24

thanks Laura Mikolaitis , I like humility as an engine :-) I went back to school three or four years ago and obtained a third degree level diploma , I will probably do a master in sociology or psychology when time permit at some point in time Many thanks for reading :-)

Pascal Derrien

4 years ago #23

thanks Aaron Skogen, it is the acoustic version I thought you would like it too :-)

Lisa Gallagher

4 years ago #22

Congrats Pascal Derrien! 10 months and you were done, ok... calling you the whiz kid now LOL. That's awesome really!

Pascal Derrien

4 years ago #21

Kool comment Franci Eugenia Hoffman :-)

Pascal Derrien

4 years ago #20

thanks Praveen Raj Gullepalli :-)

Pascal Derrien

4 years ago #19

thanks jesse kaellis really ? :-)

Pascal Derrien

4 years ago #18

thanks Lisa Gallagher I started to work at same time and got my own place pretty quickly too, I got back to third level education 3 years agao when I got a PG Diploma in PR, Journalism and Applied Communications it was fun even if pretty taxing time wise ( years condensed in 10 months) and I had fun with the exams that time around :-)

Lisa Gallagher

4 years ago #17

Being a 'regular guy' is cool in my eyes! It's so weird, I was thinking of writing something tonight about people who use big words. Sometimes a topic may grab me until I see words I don't understand and spend more time on google looking them up rather than reading the buzz or an article. I love that you're so open Pascal Derrien, you keep it real, we need that. Music feeds the soul for many of us. I hate to admit, during my darkest hours I tend to turn to dark music, music that will make me cry or feel anger. Maybe it's a release in some way? I wasn't the most studious of students, I was more into guys than my school work.. wait a sec, that was part of my school work LOL! I'm not sure about you Pascal but when I graduated from HS, if a person found a good job that paid well enough to survive on- well that was good enough for many back then. I tried to go College out of HS and just couldn't concentrate because I lived on my own, beginning at age 18, and worked full time as well. Also, an Associates degree used to be valuable and equivalent to a Bachelors today. I went back to College in my late 30's. I did it with the hopes of adding to my resume- I couldn't afford a Bachelors Degree. I also wanted to prove to myself I could do it and I had a specific GPA I wanted to attain. I did it. The Associates degree was a waste of my time and money. It held little to no value in today's society even though I had a long (and what I felt), impressive resume. Keep on rockin in the real world~ I like the way you think and express!

Pascal, you're pretty cool for a regular guy.

Pascal Derrien

4 years ago #15

thanks Sara Jacobovici this is very kind I write like I speak it is a bit tortuous at times I have been described as complex not sure if it means complicated I need to ask somebody who know about those things :-)

Pascal Derrien

4 years ago #14

I quite like your musical take on the song Randy Keho :-) OK we will accept you with us in the ''regular club'' :-)

Sara Jacobovici

4 years ago #13

Dear Pascal Derrien, "maybe it’s the multifaceted odyssey of a human journey sinking into the land of contradiction", doesn't get written by "regular guys". I doubt many from the knowledge legion can write like this. As far as Bob Dylan is concerned, here's a quick example and I mean quick because I just grabbed the first thing I saw.

Randy Keho

4 years ago #12

I was one of the ones who, as you say, found the drive and capacity to go through the milestones of the system. However, no one would ever mistake me as being the sharpest tack in the box, unless the box was empty. Just ask around. I've never considered myself better than anyone else. I'm clearly not. Again, just ask around. I'd rather hang out at the local pub with the boys from the hood than the swanky bar full of shiny, happy people.. And, you're absolutely right about the difference between studying something you love and enjoying something you love. Studying it can suck the magic right out it. If that's the case, like you implied, run away as fast as you can. I would love to see "Apocalypse Now" return to the Big Screen, but I know it won't. They do that with some movies. After watching it numerous times at home or the years, I would love to sit back and soak it all in across a theater screen in Dolby stereo, again. The entire film is absurd, as was the war. The tune you included by Against Me, reminds me of the Stray Cats. Perhaps, Elvis Costello meets the Stray Cats, produced by Lou Reed. Wouldn't that have been something?

Pascal Derrien

4 years ago #11

guess what i can be funny too #10 Aurorasa Sima ☺ no I am joking ☺ the story of Laura is one of a regular girl that got trapped into the wrong gender it takes guts to do what she has done I think regular people are extra- ordinary sometimes.....

Phil Friedman

4 years ago #10

Pascal, believe me, your response signals that you are indeed a "regular guy", something that I already knew from your writings. For the record, I do not see how a land that spawned poet Dylan Thomas, who in turn provided inspiration for Bob Dylan, could be populated by anything other than a majority of regular guys. My best to you. And thanks again for sharing several solid thoughts.

Pascal Derrien

4 years ago #9

thanks Phil Friedman its true that it cannot be that binary, your points are valid in theory I agree with them, my experience has been different when it comes to the french society in particular, I must say I don't experience the same in Ireland :-)

Phil Friedman

4 years ago #8

Pascal, as a high school drop-out and a graduate of inner-city Chicago streets, I think I somewhat understand what you're saying about thinking of yourself as a "regular guy". But during a lifetime of hanging out with regular and not-so-regular guys, I've found that being a regular guy has little to do with formal education, one way or the other. With all due respect, when you say, "... we [regular guys] are mocked by the knowledge legion who like big words, verbatim, quotes, the same love worshiping their diplomas results, they strive when comparing their misplaced pride while laughing at us because we seemingly did not have the drive or capacity to go thru the various milestones of the system ... ", I frankly see a measure of unjustified defensiveness. For arrogance of "social station" is neither endemic to, nor the sole province of the well-educated. I can recognize Eric Hoffer (a Longshoreman) as one of, if not the most insightful social philosophers I've ever read, and Bob Dylan as a street poet more than worthy of a Nobel award. Regular guys both. But I've also known head-in-the-clouds mathematicians who were regular guys, and graduate academic philosophers, and even entrepreneurial powerhouses, as well. Those who are wont to laugh at others come from all "stations" in life, and some of those you will find hiding with the "regular guys". Good post. Interesting and thought-provoking. Thanks.

Pascal Derrien

4 years ago #7

the story of Laura s powerful on multiple levels, the band is not mainstream but have a good reputation and few albums behind them. I agree with the energy emanating from Laura in its purest form is intriguing and beautiful.....glad the message got thru you it is a difficult topic. I actually know somebody who went thru transition one of the most intelligent person you can come across, people think its a choice it is actually not a choice they have to transition it is a question of survival....more than 41% suicide attempts in trans says it all. Rock On Don Kerr and thanks for sharing :-)

don kerr

4 years ago #6

Lovin' the energy of this song and the message. Really appreciate the exposure you give to relative unknowns. It provides a real glimpse in to who you are and what you're about. Sharing Pascal Derrien

Pascal Derrien

4 years ago #5

yes Dean Owen I had various understanding of Apocalypse depending at what stage in my life I have been watching it, I find it powerful as a tool that trigger thoughts for some reasons... :-)

Pascal Derrien

4 years ago #4

Indeed Graham Edwards modern culture it is not sure how it will be viewed later on but it works for me :-)

Graham🐝 Edwards

4 years ago #3

... all the children are insane... waiting for the summer rain... The poetry of Jim Morrison and the vision of Coppola. Thanks sharing and the memories.

Dean Owen

4 years ago #2

I hear you on your background - resonates well with mine! "we seemingly did not have the drive or capacity to go thru the various milestones". For me, the student union bar was quite alluring, and back then, jobs were easy enough to come by. Need to revisit Apocalypse. Didn't really resonate all the years ago as much as movies like The Dear Hunter. Got quite a shock when Tom started singing. Never would have predicted that voice.... They would be huge in Tokyo if they played the club circuit.

Pascal Derrien

4 years ago #1

Thanks for dropping by Praveen Raj Gullepalli I think you got get down to get back up or something like that..... :-) I quite like Cougar he has something I don't understand Dylan personally but I like the symbol, simple guys like simple things :-)

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