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Everybody Wants To Rule The World


There are a lot of tensions in the world lately, amid Covid-19 there has always been room for polarized views, opinions or political issues. In my childhood it was cold war, before my generation it was South American ruling juntas or Vietnam for those who preceded them. Nowadays its pretty much anything due to global communication outlets and various online platforms.

Not a day whereby you don’t bump into those who think they know, those who know they don’t think but pretend otherwise and probably a large majority of others who have given up on engaging with either of the parties at play. I have no stats and no links to offer but I have the feeling the latter is a sizeable part of the online population. 

You don’t see them or hear them because they simply don’t play the validation game on social media. That said by doing so they leave the space wide open to the keyboard warriors, internet links experts, theorists of all kind including a few illuminated individuals who genuinely think they hold the monopoly of truth.

Some are pretty articulated though and can cast doubts with their thought provoking arguments however many just rehash half baked click baits and head lines.  Yet a few can manage to create distorting stories to a point in which they anchor themselves in convincing and frightening terms. Many theories are magnified and could even look legit. It's getting almost too difficult to believe what is what and who is who. The sad bit about this is that I have witnessed many fall outs within families, friends or colleagues. 

People who used to appreciate each other have become the biggest adept of the cancel culture. It's OK not to all sing from the same hymn sheet yet the days of we agree to disagree seem long gone.  While binary behaviour is simple to detect life has become more complicated and complex because of it.

It's sometimes soul destroying, often irritating, sporadically disturbing and can even be scary at times but it is nothing new though.

It's not the first and nor will it be the last time that everybody wants to rule the world.

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Pascal Derrien

1 month ago #23

These are days when I can go nowhere and avoid everyone.  Most around here know exactly what I do.  Some hate me and look at me as harmful, and others look to me for the information I horde.


I'm down to trying to save just me.  If I have to work for them to accomplish that, I will.


Pascal--there's a UK document you might be interested in looking at in this article:


The Human Body, Nanotechnology, and We—Augmented [first posted 2/1/2021]


Your UK dept of defense seems to think we all have to line up for genetic ‘augmentation’--thus the title.


I know over this side of the pond, MIT and the DOD have the ISN program.  I had come to a vague conclusion our DOD was the enforcer here.  Now I'm sure of it. 

Pascal Derrien

1 month ago #21

Lada 🏡 Prkic

1 month ago #20

Pascal, beBee is also not immune to those “illuminated individuals who genuinely think they hold the monopoly of truth" whatever the topic. But no other topic causes such polarization of beliefs and opinions on social media as the coronavirus issue. I stopped commenting on that topic when I realised that “the days of we agree to disagree” are long gone. 

Great thoughts, as always. :)

Pascal Derrien

1 month ago #19

Zacharias 🐝 Voulgaris

1 month ago #18

Thank you, Pascal. This part below is probably the most profound thing I've read on this platform so far (no exaggeration). I plan to publish something along these lines soon. My angle is on a potential solution to all this. Cheers!


“While binary behaviour is simple to detect life has become more complicated and complex because of it.”

Pascal Derrien

2 months ago #17

Robert Cormack

2 months ago #16

Nicely written, Pascal (in other words, I agree).

Pascal Derrien

2 months ago #15

Neil Smith

2 months ago #14


Pascal Derrien

2 months ago #13

Pascal Derrien

2 months ago #12

Jim Murray

2 months ago #11

Nice piece. Felt very much from the heart.

Greg Rolfe

2 months ago #10

Pascal Derrien

2 months ago #9

Pascal Derrien

2 months ago #8

Pascal Derrien

2 months ago #7

Yep, you nailed with this post, Pascal. Seems those that are vying to rule the world are the most inept. 

Cyndi wilkins

2 months ago #5

You have hit the nail right on the head @Pascal Derrien …The saddest bit is witnessing the fall outs within families, friends or colleagues. 


I tend to follow this line of thinking…Before you even engage with someone, ask yourself…Is that person mentally equipped to even the grasp the concept of a different perspective? If the answer is no, don't bother.


I have had many conversations with those of whom I wholeheartedly disagree, but we are able to do so respectfully…That is the challenge…

John Rylance

2 months ago #4

I really liked your reference to keyboard warriors etc.  Perhaps we should reflect on which we maybe in the eyes of others. Those of us who comment are far out numbered by those who read and move on keeping their thoughts to themselves.

Which means we are unaware what influence we have on others.

Personally I work on the basis of better out than in, and make my comment and in the main remain happy. 

I look at those who arguably rule the world and ask myself do I want to be like them in the main my answer is NO WAY

I feel the Newley and Bricous musical Stop the world I want to get off sums up my feelings.

Pascal Derrien

2 months ago #3

Ken Boddie

2 months ago #2

There was a time, way back, Pascal, when they said we couldn’t handle the truth. Now it’s a major exercise in research trying to find which truth we can’t handle. As for being a ruler, I’d never measure up. 📐😂

After all, rulers have to draw the line somewhere.  📏😂🤣😂

Pascal Derrien

2 months ago #1

@Greg Rolfe 

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