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3 months ago

Everybody Wants To Rule The World

Pascal Derrien · There are a lot of tensions in the world lately, amid Covid-19 there has always been room for polarized views, opinions or political issues. In my childhood it was cold war, before my generation it was South American ruling juntas or Vietnam for those who preceded them. Nowadays ...

11 months ago

Say Cheese

Pascal Derrien · Confucius apparently said (more or less) that nothing new happen to people in the world its just that the same things happen to new people · It was while back and I am not even sure in which century or when Confucius actually lived. In fact I don’t even know if he even ever said ...

2 years ago

Excuse Me If I Am Not Sorry

Pascal Derrien · It used to be only when my world was grey that I didn’t know what to say · It used to be overly fractal until I realized it had become emotionally horizontal · I used to say I wish I would never grow old that I would never grow bold but really I didn’t really care about what wa ...

4 years ago

It's Time To Blow Up The Partitions

Pascal Derrien · You throw stones out of the window to see if they are resonating · Would it not be weird if the world you are living in was doing more than just echoing? · Still resounding the distance between one and the nearest human being · Some of you embark on a mission called high principl ...

5 years ago

Citizen Journalism & The Rise of the Silent Majority

Pascal Derrien · Citizen Journalism is in my opinion by far the biggest on line revolution that has taken place the last few years and is substantially influencing our off line citizenship and civic engagement. While the purists claimed the World Wide Web had lost its original intent to become wh ...

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