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3 months ago

Everybody Wants To Rule The World

Pascal Derrien · There are a lot of tensions in the world lately, amid Covid-19 there has always been room for polarized views, opinions or political issues. In my childhood it was cold war, before my generation it was South American ruling juntas or Vietnam for those who preceded them. Nowadays ...

2 years ago

That's Smart

Pascal Derrien · The writing thingie came back to hunt me again the last few days but purposely I thought I (and most probably you too) would welcome a step away from the human psyche and its exploration. While I am not ready to write about the seven best ways about the seven best ways just yet · ...

2 years ago

Excuse Me If I Am Not Sorry

Pascal Derrien · It used to be only when my world was grey that I didn’t know what to say · It used to be overly fractal until I realized it had become emotionally horizontal · I used to say I wish I would never grow old that I would never grow bold but really I didn’t really care about what wa ...

4 years ago

On The Mend

Pascal Derrien ·   · Come a point in life, when it’s no longer advisable to suffer from the bedroom blues, a point where you really need to be better at reading clues · Come a point in life, when you really need to park your anger, and a teenager you should realize you are no longer · Why did I m ...

5 years ago

Inside a Non Writer's Mind: ''Pascal Derrien"

Pascal Derrien · Inside a Non Writer's Mind:''Pascal Derrien" · Why would you write a few lines in a series about Inside a Writers Mind when you begin by claiming you are not a writer :-) · Humility and lack of ego aside and despite being academically qualified in PR, Communications and Journalis ...

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