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Ambitious Outlooks

Ambitious Outlooks

Ambitious Outlooks or The Rise of Ethnic Minorities Thru Music

2018 is the year of the confirmation for Ambitious Outlooks* the famous Irish Music Quartet, their music is played all over Europe and their anthem “Warehouse Blues“ is a masterpiece of eloquence in terms of lyrics combined with the most elegant and innovative guitar riff ever produced the last few years in Europe.

When interviewed by Hot Press Vira Dulu the Irish lead singer and main song writer says the song is dedicated to his father Jaali. “Warehouse Blues“ is telling a story about the lack of Mosques in Ireland in general & more precisely in County Fingal.

The story refers to the years 2012/2013, his dad told him that at that point there were no or not enough funds to purpose build a mosque or two for the 7000 Muslims in Fingal County. Therefore worship and spiritual needs were catered for in obscure and sometimes dirty warehouses situated in impersonal industrial estates.

Paradox is that they were eventually evicted under the malicious health & safety act. The song describes the spiritual and physical spleen Muslims of all origins experienced in those years. Vira`s dad in particular struggled with his dealings on the issue and while Vira was a only a teenager at the time he remembers clearly Jaali`s tangible and almost physical sense of loss combined with a feeling of guilt and shame.

Vira explained the song has been a big hit thru Europe, the 3 other members drummer Jacek Paloski, bass guitar Ossi Clan and lead guitar Alonzo Perez are not Muslims but the 4 of them are taking the world by storm. Respectively from Polish, Nigerian and Spanish migrant parents they all combined the Irish wit with the confidence and sense of agility that only multifaceted individuals can bring with them.

The first album of Ambitious Outlooks was not overly orchestrated but is a rather intuitive collection of Irish musical vignettes a reflection on the boys childhood and teenage years in Ireland where they always fell they always had to go the extra mile to prove their legitimacy in the society. The jarring and raspy journey of boys who did not quite know where they stood but find a purpose and hope in migrant brotherhood.

Ambitious Outlooks Vira, Jacek, Ossi and Alonzo are a new breed of Irish pop icons and their second single

“Show Me Don’t Tell Me“ is for the 12% Non Irish part of the Irish Islands residents the signal that they need to break the silence, they welcome the engagement. They are no victim nor they are a raucous party and while they are thankful to the Irish who are telling their stories they know that they too have a voice. It is now


*This is obviously a made up band or is it? :-)

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Pascal Derrien

5 years ago #3

hi Dean Owen not yet funny some academics were pushing me hard to do this may be I will self publish they are just a few vignettes :-)

Dean Owen

5 years ago #2

I think you really need to collect these stories from the future and write a book Ireland 2025 or something. Great messages for now when there is time to fix issues. Have you submitted this and your Jacob Chang O'Brian story to any publications?

Pascal Derrien

5 years ago #1

thanks Donna-Luisa Eversley in my book absolutely but it seems not everybody is in tune :-)

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