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2 years ago

Greenland 1993. Part two

Neil Smith · This is the second piece covering an expedition to climb a fairly remote mountain in Eastern Greenland. The first episode can be found here on bebee.com https://www.bebee.com/producer/@neil-smith/greenland-1993-part-one · Ascending and descending part two. · Following our unsucc ...

2 years ago

Greenland 1993. Part one.

Neil Smith ·   ·   · I wasn't always an outdoor store salesperson. Once upon a time I was an unemployed ski instructor who would have loved an outdoor store job. This is the story of how I spent the time after being educated and before I settled down to the joy of work, rent and bills. · The ...

5 years ago

All For One And One For All

Pascal Derrien · I have been on a night flight to the Middle East very recently, now the interesting thing to note with business travels is that I don’t sleep in planes and while some of my neighbours fall deeply asleep I get to use the time to write, read or watch movies. Not sure if that is due ...

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