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Would You Give A Gun To A Penguin?

Before you answer that question, we need to consider a few things in order to make an informed decision. First I don’t know you but I have never managed to give a handshake to a penguin so that’s one, secondly what is the penguin famous for except maybe for the lead role in Happy Feet, a great performance altogether but the whole thing is borderline slippery around the angles if we are very honest and thirdly what penguins got to do with any decent professional article. 

Hang on there. Still with me? Good. My son has recently worked on a project on the Galapagos Islands (& penguins) and while I was helping him I was thinking at the same time about putting some thoughts on people and performance management, don’t ask me how but in a very inexplicable way I ended up thinking that managers and penguins have a lot of in common. 

Penguins spend around half their time in water and the other half on land.

These are the managers who spend most of their time in useless meetings talking about useless business ideas creating artificial charters about projects that will never come to fruition, when it goes a bit further that underwater thinking for the most of those projects the initial attempt @ scoping out an idea almost invariably sink in cold waters. Penguins can drink sea water managers don’t.    

Emperor Penguins often huddle together to keep warm in the cold temperatures of Antarctica.

Aren’t they all a great community of kindred spirits? They have circles where they debate (formatted) ideas but most and foremost they got to have consensus you see, it is paramount in penguin land, having an opinion may you come across as opinionated. The penguin manager loves nothing less than being part of an established society with its own codes and predictable rules of engagement. Some would tell you they don’t like mixing with the plebe and how good it is feeling part of the legionaries of clones!!!

Chinstrap Penguins get their name from the thin black band under their head. At times it looks like they’re wearing a black helmet, which might be useful as they’re considered the most aggressive type of penguin.

When performance reviews kick in, that particular type of penguin transforms itself in a dangerous predator inflicting moral injuries, he would rather pass out than making the right choice. This widespread variety of penguins strive on catastrophic decisions, they relish the opportunity to hack lives, sometimes some are in such an emotional state when it comes to promote numbness that you better evacuate the premises urgently. They love trauma percentage and minimal focus on empathy, that penguin I am afraid tend to reproduce itself at a great pace, he is feared and is also known in some geographical areas as the ‘’damager’’     

Yellow eyed penguins (or Hoiho) are endangered penguins native to New Zealand. Their population is believed to be around 4000.

They say isolation is good news, the world is a lonely place for that type of manager, when showing compassion, he is branded as weak and not being able to make the hard decisions. A difficult place to be for that penguin when he opposes natural instinct and common sense to excel targets and hazardous people profiling.

I have learned a lot about penguins and I am very happy you got an A+ for your project my son, thank you for such a valuable reminder that under no circumstances we should give a penguin



Galapagos Project


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Pascal Derrien

5 years ago #4

thank you debasish majumder :-)

Pascal Derrien

5 years ago #3

Thats good then hopefully they pick a nice friend :-)

Dean Owen

5 years ago #2

Hey Pascal Derrien, sorry I don't know much about Penguins, but one thing I remember hearing is that they choose a mate, and that mate is for life! Another lesson to be learnt!

Pascal Derrien

5 years ago #1

thanks Anees Zaidi I think I have meet some of them too :-)

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