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Top Of The Morning

Top Of the Morning

What you typically do when your alarm clock goes off at six in the morning? As anyone else you will press the snooze button and go back to sleep but for others it is a little bit different as they have already started their morning much earlier. Health advisors say it is important to remember that the way you spent your morning can influence the rest of the day. Your outlook on A.M activities makes your mornings, you make yourself up for achievements all day long! So let`s take a look at who are the early risers in Ireland nowadays.

Riivo Mälk works for a waste Company he is proud to be working for a waste collection services provided by the nation’s leading environmental services company. Riivo is Estonian and together with his wife he has joined the 2 560 Estonians who are living in Ireland. While the proportion of Estonians in the population of Ireland is only 0.05% over the past few years a remarkable number of Estonian children have been born in Ireland and that’s the case for Riivo he is the proud father of a 7 year Old boy Raiin. Riivo loves helping the Estonian Cultural and Sports Society this is the official organisation that brings Estonians together in Ireland.

The society also organises a Sunday school for Estonians, which was held for the first time in September 2012. Riivo knows the school is very popular among Estonians but Riivo thinks than Raiin already attends the local school 5 days a week and that’s enough a little boy needs play time doesn`t he ? While Riivo`s job work implies getting up 6 days out of 7 at 4.30 AM he is always making a point to prepare Raiin School`s bag the night before. Riivo is just about to leave for work and is making sure Raiin`s gear for International Day is ready.

This is a great event for the school not only the kids enjoy a dress down day and leave the uniforms at home they also have the opportunity to wear their colours or traditional costumes from their country of origin. Raiin has opted a for a Tallinn FC Jersey. Riivo is secretly proud of his son it is not easy for a small boy to deal with dual identity however what is reassuring is that there are 39 nationalities out of the 500 pupils attending St Brigit so Raiin is far from being an isolated case

Diane Masalanta is a nurse on a 5 AM start this morning @ the Coombes Hospital , she is from the Philippines and to be in line with a cliché yes she works in the health sector like most of 11,500 Filipino nationals in Ireland. This is the sector where the majority of her brothers and sisters work in Ireland according to the Embassy. On her way to work she drops by the Petrol Station where Amit the Indian Night duty manager greets her with a big smile and a strong tea, she is meeting Olga her Polish friend who works also in the Coombes as Mid Wife and both of them look forward to the day with anticipation and motivation. Diane is in the country for 7 years now and has only gone back to Manila twice since she arrived in Ireland.

Pixan aka Pepe is always on morning shifts, he is the first in as he does open the “ Happy Croissant“ @ 6.30 AM Sharp every day but Sunday. On that day he is jokingly enjoying a lie in until 7 AM as the Coffee shop only opens @ 8.30. Yes Pepe works 7 days a week but it does suit him as he has most of his afternoons free except Wednesday afternoon where he is taking the deliveries. Pepe is Mexican and while he did not know too much about emigration when talking about his plans to move abroad when he was still in his village called Gualjita he ended up joining the 2000 Mexicans in Ireland 5 years ago.

Pepe is mad about coffee and he thinks this the beverage that will get the country out of recession . Being a big coffee drinker himself he thinks this is the drink by excellence the one providing the energy which is required to fully cope with the tiredness and help stay active for more fun and activities for the full day. Pep is very serious about the morning coffee and the “ Happy Croissant“ pays a significant attention to the quality of beams. Always a busy spot , the cafe not only deal with different kinds of tea and coffees but also offer snacks. Pepe has become a great character known to everybody in the street from business women ordering their Skinny Latte to the Students having just enough spare to order an espresso.

Riivo, Diane and Pepe are just three examples of countless others who have chosen Ireland as their new home.

Have you noticed how more dynamic and vibrant our Dublin mornings have become the last 15 years since we have welcomed the O` Migrant.,

You know them too and you meet them every day, they are an essential part of our society, no need for jumpstart anymore as they inject just what we need in terms of energy level and good mood to our gloomy Irish mornings.

Next time you meet one of them even though they may already well be half way thru their shift you may want to take the opportunity to greet them with a

Top of the morning to you

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Pascal Derrien

5 years ago #6

thanks Oliver that is actually true a very distinct scent which is hard to describe somewhat, comment much appreciated :-)

Pascal Derrien

5 years ago #5

there is a window for collaboration maybe we can setle for that :-)

Dean Owen

5 years ago #4

They wake when I go to sleep! Does that make them or me harder working?

Pascal Derrien

5 years ago #3

we are further up north we have long days during the summer and sun rise super early at the moment , you cna actually hear the birds singing @ 5 AM :-)

Pascal Derrien

5 years ago #2

I am glad you meet them Gert Scholtz :)

Gert Scholtz

5 years ago #1

@pascalderrien. Having visited Ireland a few times I did notice the gloominess of the mornings. Yet the Irish people I found upbeat and irreverent. Does this have to do with Riivo, Diane and Pepe:)

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