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The Impossible Tech Story of Patsy & Snippy

The Impossible Tech Story of Patsy & Snippy

Once upon a time in Cloud Ville lived two inseparable friends, CtrlC/CtrlV aka copy-paste also commonly known as Patsy and Snipping Tool aka Snippy. Patsy was a bit older than Snippy and lived in Keyboard Alley while Snippy was residing in Vista Avenue.

Those two were up to a lot of mischiefs would it be throwing Apple (s) thru Windows or stealing scissors from their motherboard, Snippy was the most agile and also the most powerful too he was capable of capturing any shots ten times faster than its elder brother Print Screen. He was so good that he was noticed and selected by a Desktop committee to run for Program Tool of the Year but he was a free spirit and smart as a phone he did not want to hop from one program to another just for the sake to appear on national screens.

His alter ego Patsy came from a more traditional family, Patsy was really proud that its ancestors worked in stationary stores as editing scissors, the family is also renowned for being part of the pioneers who created the Xerox Palo Alto Research Centre before Apple provided some of their siblings the keys to success. In fact this alone would modify the entire life of the family descendants to a point where IBM and later Windows would replicate their browsing competency on various pulldown or pop-up menus, they were so popular at one point that they became an integral part of any toolbar ribbon.

The two friends were very popular and known to all the families in the neighborhood. The JPGs, GIFs or the PNGs even the MHTs would frequently invite them in and Patsy and Snippy would have more than once crashed @ a graphic party.

But their world was changing, their care free playground once surrounded by innocent web watchers was now overlooked by a cohort of social media developers where Facebook Marketing Officers were patrolling, tracking and reporting on anybody with a vague Pin Interest, the World Wide Web once the epicentre of Information Technology where the Data could Hug freely has become a Cloudy Environment dedicated to power hosting 365 days a year.

Once a world of small artisanal applications it was now surrounded by Big Data. The Azure of the sky too had a different look, not so long ago Patsy and Snippy could surf their heart out under blue sky but even in Sunny California nowadays safety, bit locking and parental control comes first.

One day Patsy and Snippy`s parents were summoned to their school, the principal of Digital High has been left very unimpressed when the two amigos posted on Instagram a compromising picture taken from his tablet and tweeted large extracts of the confidential school P&L, it was clear and left open for anybody to witness how inadequate the financial run management of the establishment was and how misused were the funds of the campus.

Mr DRMED was adamant that you don’t need to be encrypted to understand that while this may not be a matter of national security it was clearly a breach of privacy let alone defamation.

A few minutes after Patsy`s Mother Board and Snippy `s CPU`s Dad left the principal’s office, the two who were anxiously rebooting outside when they were whistled over by their respective parents, there was no need for an email it was clear a big uncorrupted data blow was coming their way. Snippy`s dad in particular was as red as a hot PC Fan. In less than an instant the message was delivered: Come on guys this is serious you need to grow up , there are Things on the Internet now!!!

Frozen and apologetic Patsy and Snippy acknowledged their wrong doing about what they thought was an innocent digital prank, the next time they said it would be different. Wired and overheated Snippy`s dad said there won`t be a next time.

No more hacking in Tech City you hear me why don’t you copy that you have to


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I am clearly not a technologist !!!

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Pascal Derrien

5 years ago #5

thanks yes I know it is a bit scary no? :-)

Dean Owen

5 years ago #4

Pascal Derrien, your mind works in mysterious ways! Highly original for sure!

Pascal Derrien

5 years ago #3

Thanks Donna-Luisa Eversley :-) :-) :-)

Pascal Derrien

5 years ago #2

ah thank you Ken Boddie I will tell Patsy and Snippy you liked it !!

Ken Boddie

5 years ago #1

Pascal, you have outdone yourself with this outrageously hilarious, yet digitally, daggy, buzz. For me, this has got to be the buzz of the week. Cheers from Ken (aka Aussie Mac) 😂

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