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On The Subject Of ....

On The Subject Of ....

Unstable home, alcohol fuelled environment, nomadic schooling involving three schools per year. I did not learn really anything from my parents working shitty hours and late nights. Neither was I taught anything from any of the early mornings to school where a maths teacher would repeatedly predict failure as part of my future. But unexpectedly I was to learn solidarity, friendship and clarity from Punk Hardcore

It got me thru everything. So no thanks to fancy books or famous quotes then. Only the sheer power and camaraderie of the scene. A collective made up of misfits, outcasts and street kids who loved each other thru an unbreakable bond sealed by music. The bands message was universal and their empowering lyrics would help us survive our bleak & daily routine and our faces would light up at the simple evocation of a hard core show dropping in town. Our idols were mainly NY City bands such as Agnostic Front, Youth Of Today, Warzone, Sick of It All and many others like Fugazi from DC.

To this day the values I carry are still firmly anchored in Hardcore Punk or even Trash Metal to a certain extent. It may seem odd to those who may have experienced a more traditional upbringing. Nowadays none of us I reckon are working in banks or drive fancy cars and even if some of us may have drifted away I bet they still know and acknowledge where they are coming from.

There were many variants or sub cultures in Hardcore but straight edge is one movement that had a big impact on me. Straight Edge emerged amid the early 1980s. Some say it was a reaction to the excesses of the scene because those adhering to it refrained from using alcohol, smoking, drugs and many I am told were the first vegetarians alongside a handful of vegan pioneers. Having always been slightly unorthodox this suited me better than the unappealing prospect of cocaine, weed and other subsequent recreational drugs. The thing is I wanted to be in control of my feelings and decisions. I did not want anybody or anything to drive my life.

That said I did not always agree with the entire straight edge precept. As it often happens some got carried away and I found that a few were becoming overly rigid or even mystical about the whole thing. But as opposed to turn me away from hardcore altogether this instead made me refocus on why I was in love with hardcore punk. It turned out to be very simple it was the sheer power of the lyrics and the music. Nothing more nothing less. Hardcore punk is raw and no thrills, it does not lie or pretend. And to this day while I have extended my taste in music I have kept on listening to hardcore or going to hardcore shows whenever I get a chance.

I obviously grew up and discovered alcohol in my mid-twenties which I moderately enjoyed I must say. I also posed with cigars on photos but by the time I had reached my early forties I had already dropped the consumption of alcohol or banish the cigar experimentation for good. In a way I suppose I had come back to my earlier values. I had come back to me.

I guess you can say that at 50 + I am still a punk hardcore kid

Pascal Derrien Copyright 2021

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Pascal Derrien

6 months ago #27

ah good to see you dropping by Fatima. Indeed I have always believed in alternative and not only in music :-)

🐝 Fatima G. Williams

6 months ago #26

Punk hardcore kid uh Pal I would agree, one would guess from the handpicked music you add to your posts right? :) Growing up we all found ways to cope I guess. We take different paths in life, but something always reminds us of the beautiful innocent strength we had. The strength to carry on. Like we had the weight of the world on our shoulders :)

Pascal Derrien

7 months ago #25

#24 Thanks Louise Smith thats a nice bond. I have friends from my teenage days who found me on FB 4 years ago we were a close knit of misfits and we now have asmall private page for the 10 or so of us, they do gatherings and I sometimes join in when I can :-)

Louise Smith

7 months ago #24

It's ironic istn't it my close high school friend was always in trouble I was the best smartest student we were chalk & cheese yet we are still friends >40 years later she lives in a straw bale house in a small town outside Melbourne 1000's km away from me but her Dad lives nearer to me When she last visited him she came for dinner one Friday night & stayed till Monday morning ! We still have lots to talk about After COVID 19 is played out I am looking forward to seeing her again

Pascal Derrien

7 months ago #23

ah cheers Debasish Majumder much appreciated as always :-)

Debasish Majumder

7 months ago #22

this is the buzz Pascal Derrien which i enjoyed profusely and shared gleefully! thank you for the buzz.

Pascal Derrien

7 months ago #21

cheers Paul Walters I know you are young at heart see you at the play ground :-)

Paul Walters

7 months ago #20

Pascal Derrien Nothing like a post from a punk hardcore kid to make my day.

Pascal Derrien

7 months ago #19

cheers Harvey Lloyd for always providing words of wisdom :-)

Harvey Lloyd

7 months ago #18

Really enjoyed the story and your thoughts around growing up. I think it amazing as we look at "maturing", we may come from different backgrounds and inputs but all roads lead to some "moral objective thinking". Individual but generally we don't miss each other by far. The amazing part, it is almost as a homing beacon. We either migrate towards or away from. Nonetheless a beacon of hope, change and the belief of happiness, if followed.

Lada 🏡 Prkic

7 months ago #17

Pascal, I'm also sensitive to injustice, especially towards the most vulnerable members of society, the elderly and children.

Pascal Derrien

7 months ago #16

Thanks Lada \ud83c\udfe1 Prkic more than just rebellion I have always had a a profound sense of social justice (or injustice for that matter) which led me to be involved in volunteering or social enterprising and as you say its never too late :-)

Lada 🏡 Prkic

7 months ago #15

I've never been much of a rebel but like to read about people who were and still are. :) I must confess, the rebel in me begins to wake up. It is never too late. :-)

Pascal Derrien

7 months ago #14

thanks Greg . Polar opposites often understand each other better :-)

Greg Rolfe

7 months ago #13

Nice post Pascal. It says quite a bit without being wordy. I have never been into punk hardcore but I am intrigued by your experience. Thank you for your insights and have an amazing day!

Pascal Derrien

7 months ago #12

that's a very poetic description Mohammed :-)Thanks for the comment

Mohammed Abdul Jawad

7 months ago #11

Everything changes when your inward chamber (heart) is illuminated with inspiration. Insightful post.:)

Pascal Derrien

7 months ago #10

thanks Scott for dropping by and taking the time to comment :-)

Scott Butcher

7 months ago #9

This is a very powerful story!

Pascal Derrien

7 months ago #8

Nice metaphoric comment John :-)

John Rylance

7 months ago #7

#2 I think you are a true rebel-lion, Pascal. Some say your only young once, but you can be immature for ever, or perhaps in your case punk hardcore for ever, straight edged or not. Question is have you still got the power to Trash Metal?

Pascal Derrien

7 months ago #6

thanks Franci\ud83d\udc1dEugenia Hoffman, beBee Brand Ambassador indeed I don't need validation many thanks for reading :-)

Your last sentence, 'I guess you can say that at 50 + I am still a punk hardcore kid'. I like that about you Pascal Derrien. You're true to yourself and that is what matters.

Pascal Derrien

7 months ago #4

thats a great one Ken :-) :-)

Ken Boddie

7 months ago #3

Ha ha. Talking of rebellion, Pascal, I bet most of the insects in your garden are protest-ants. 😂

Pascal Derrien

7 months ago #2

Indeed I am not ready for the Irish jig just yet Ken :-) Now somebody also told me than not drinking alcohol in Ireland was the ultimate act of rebellion :-)

Ken Boddie

7 months ago #1

Once a rebel always a rebel, eh, Pascal? What with the Derrien enigmatic tale of hard hits, as told over a few years of beBee posts, what else but hardcore punk could be the ‘go to’ choice of ear bashing sound for the man who defies definition? Can’t see you taking up traditional Irish dancing and music somehow ... or smoking Gauloise. As for me? Go The Corrs!

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