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Nothing New In The Yeast: The Case Of Brown V.s White

Nothing New In The Yeast: The Case Of Brown V.s White

I love my bread but I don’t know if its compressed or active dry yeast based, maybe it is instant yeast. I love my brown bread but I don’t like half-baked ideas yet it seems the rapid rise yeast is very popular now while fiercely competing against the deactivated yeast.

We live in a funny world nowadays in which social media outlets ask daily if you are for or against, do you like this or not, do you prefer brown or white …

Nothing new you may say and gosh I know this is a tad binary but you know what? We have been at it for centuries everything is like that, the world is in bicolour with a neat and preferred appetite for bleached concepts…

For example, do you like your bear polar or brown, do you enjoy your eggs white or brown, do you prefer your pasta brown or white, do you fancy your chocolate dark or pale, is the sugar of life best when it’s brown or when it’s white……and I am afraid the list is very long.

Really besides the obvious colour difference (damn I realize I forgot to mention brown and white rice to you), would it not be time to focus on the commonality of our differences rather than exhibit the wide range of unfounded whys, seemingly we do that with people too you know. Do black people matter less than white people you guys tell me because I am not getting it.

Not sure what intellectual diet some people follow but really you should be wary of all that wheat bluff, I see some of you don’t want me to make a whole meal out of this but maybe we should not favorize refined ideas that give nothing to your body and soul.

You should understand that you have nothing to gain except becoming a heavy weight of intolerance, what are you going to do with a bloated brain and a dysfunctional digestive system, is it what you want to feed your children with….

It is time to make some healthier replacements, it’s time to swap negative enzymes with solidarity anthems, it’s time to start your day with a new loaf of life which is not either or but




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Pascal Derrien

5 years ago #15

ccJason Versey

Pascal Derrien

5 years ago #14

thanks Vincent Andrew yeah I agree we should be past that now , may be we have progressed but sometime I despair providing the number of setbacks... :-(

Pascal Derrien

5 years ago #13

Many thanks Harvey for this very thoughtful and eloquent comment :-)

Harvey Lloyd

5 years ago #12

The fractal concept is one that states, overtime all things will find their balance and shape. We can not shape the future but can harness this future with the understanding of outcomes. Your writing invokes a review of our inner selves and how we view others. You did so with graciousness and eloquence @Pascal Derrien. The media and those that would harness the discontent have framed the debate that one bear is wrong and one is right. The one you choose depends on what forest you reside in. This is the wrong framework to resolution. Melting pots are fine, but we have to recognize our cultural differences. Truly stated, our value differences. My values are no better than someone else's but they do guide me as values guide others. What happens within freedom, when values are opposing? This is the discussion that our leaders of the free world need to open. A third alternative is required to help us move away from right and wrong as the only two. I believe that every human who cares for others, believes that other humans should have that which allows them to thrive. In this, i don't believe we argue. The bias comes when value or belief systems cross paths and it becomes difficult to integrate. This typically happens when our values cause us to act upon society in the name of these values without consideration for all value sets. Again, i must state that neither of the systems are good or bad, just different. This is most egregious when one or the other imprints their values on the other, through regulation, law or self application. Until we can discuss this intersection of the expectations of the human belief system, we will wander in the wilderness of discontent.

Lisa Gallagher

5 years ago #11

I love your message Pascal Derrien, and I prefer a very colorful diet! Very creative message you buzzed about!

Pascal Derrien

5 years ago #10

Don Kerr moderation is key :-)

don kerr

5 years ago #9

Pascal Derrien Agree in principle. Who couldn't. The objective is inarguably admirable. I do though love the occasional loaf of sourdough with a sharp aged cheddar and a well hopped IPA.

Pascal Derrien

5 years ago #8

Thanks Deb Helfrich let's sing the song of brother and sister hood a bit more loudly :-)

Pascal Derrien

5 years ago #7

Thanks Gert Scholtz indeed so many mistakes have been made you would think we would know better :-)

Gert Scholtz

5 years ago #6

Pascal Derrien Well said Pascal. Bread itself is the food with the most commonality - let's focus on it.

Pascal Derrien

5 years ago #5

thanks Larry Maguire we need to stop havibg a piece meal approach on this too 🍞

Pascal Derrien

5 years ago #4

loaf live I mean love life Dean Owen

Dean Owen

5 years ago #3

I've come across all colours of rice here in China, black, yellow, purple, green. Love them all. Breads, love them all (especially limit, pita, naan, lavash). Love your message.

Pascal Derrien

5 years ago #2

thanks decades of activism, antagonism, sit ins and other protests and I feel we have not budged an inch and this is not US centric only... if only more people were to show up as opposed to be neutral.....

David B. Grinberg

5 years ago #1

You make a great point, Pascal, that people should focus more on inclusion rather than exclusion, on commonalities rather than differences, and what unites us rather than what divides us. As I like to remind folks, human beings are 99% genetically the same. It's only 1% or less of our DNA that makes individuals different per genetic mutations. So why not pay more attention to the 99% of what makes us all alike and less to the 1% that makes of different?

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