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Irish Adventure Races.

Irish Adventure Races.2a

An unashamed advert for a couple of events that Charles Camping have become involved in. I have been at this company for two years now and we have had a bloody good go at changing the level we operate at and becoming a much better outdoor equipment and clothing supplier. As part of this process I have tried to promote those things which appeal to me and in which I have an interest. This includes such activities as hillwalking, trail running and adventure racing amongst others. It is therefore very satisfying when the organiser of this race feels that we are the kind of company which fits in with these events. Who knows, I might see some of you bees out here this summer.

Adventure racing Ireland 2018.

Feeling fit and looking for a fun challenge? Well here are a couple of upcoming events to have a look at this summer. Charles Camping have come on board to sponsor the Total Experience TEAR 12 and TEAR 24 hour adventure races in May as well as the MOXIE series of adventure events this July. These are popular events and are happening right here in our backyard in West Wicklow.

Information on the events and entry can be found via these links:

TEAR 12/24




TEAR Adventure Races.

Starting at noon on the fifth of May, these are 12 and 24 hour events for teams of two people which can be all male, all female or mixed. At least one member of each team needs to be a competent navigator as the course route is a matter of choice and personal preference. The organisers have a special “Newbie” award this year for the best performance from a newcomer to adventure racing so if you fancy the challenge and know someone with a bit of experience then give them a nudge and get on out there.

Competitors make their way around the hills on foot, by bike and boat. Navigating from place to place they gather points for reaching the various check points and at the end of the time period the team with the most points wins. Simple!


Extra bonus points are available along the way and points are deducted for late arrival at the finish line. The smartest navigators get the most points for the least effort whilst covering the shortest distance, so the fittest and fastest may easily end up behind the smarter, craftier teams. The trick is to bring your brain as well as your muscles.

The technical disciplines are well supervised and this is a challenging but very rewarding experience.


MOXIE Adventure Races.

This was listed by Outsider magazine as one of the top adventure races in Ireland in 2017 and the 2018 Event is looking to build on that success and recognition. The Moxie has been around for a fair few years now and organiser Brian Keogh and his team are sure the changes for this year’s event on the seventh of July will produce an even more enjoyable day out for contestants in 2018.


Unlike the TEAR series this is a single person event. Competitors run, kayak and cycle across the West Wicklow hills and around Pollaphuca reservoir. Distances are available for just about any fitness level and if you have a particular aversion to water then there is also a duathlon option which skips the kayak section and lets you compete entirely on dry land. The options are outlined below.

Mini Moxie. This has a total distance of 25Km made up of 3km running, 2km kayaking and a 20km cycle. If you have never considered an adventure race in your life, are unsure of your fitness and wouldn’t mind giving something new a bash then this is the perfect way to go. A bit of a challenge yet highly do-able and a decidedly different way to spend your Saturday.


36KM Moxie. The distance here splits into 9km of running, 2Km in the kayak and a 25Km cycle. Everything in this race gears up a bit from the Mini Moxie and this event is ideal for anyone who has done a bit of running and is maybe looking to do a bit more off road. If you are a 10K road racer and want some change or variation in your routine then here it is. Triathletes with a yearning to leave the tarmac and get down and dirty will also enjoy this mid-level race. Consistently the most popular event the “Midi” Moxie is great fun.

Moxie Pro. This is the one for all you fit folks out there. The 54Km total is made up of 15Km running across some challenging hilly terrain, a 2Km kayak and a 37Km cycle around the lake. There is plenty of uphill, lots of rough ground underfoot and a lovely warm glow when you cross the finish line. Lovely though it is, the scenery probably won’t entirely take your mind off the effort but at the end of the day you will have genuinely earned a comfy seat and the restorative beverage of your choice. The Pro is the ideal choice for the experienced adventure racer or distance runner.


Moxie Duathlon. You’ve seen Jaws and you ain’t getting back in the water but luckily there is a Moxie for even the most aquaphobic athlete. The 9Km run and 25km on the bike adds up to a very dry 34km event. This is perfect for any reasonably fit individual who just doesn’t like boats and wants to stay on terra firma.


Charles Camping are delighted to be supporting these events and we would encourage as many of you as possible to come along and be a part of it. Support the competitors and cheer on your friends and family or sign up and challenge yourself along with a bunch of similarly minded, ever so slightly crazy people.

See you there.

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Neil Smith

3 years ago #4

Thanks Bill.

Great job

Neil Smith

3 years ago #2

I believe you may be looking to do a couple of new events this year. Come along, I might even make you a cup of tea. :-)

Pascal Derrien

3 years ago #1

Who knew Charles Camping was involved in this now I know :-)

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