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Recently I put an article up on here by an old friend of mine. The subject was hillwalking and backpacking in Scotland's Cairngorm Mountains and the writer supplied more photos than I could use in the original piece. These images provide a flavour of camp life and views of an utterly gorgeous part of the world. At the time of posting I did write that my intention was to post the pictures when I had a free moment or two and of course that moment was longer coming than I would have liked. Thanks again to Steven Gilbertson for his work. The cheque is in the post. Honest.

BY JaLeabaidh an Daimh Bhuidhe

These Granite tors are the major feature of the large, rounded and relatively ill defined summit of Ben Avon in the eastern Cairngorms.

c190e1b0.jpg Loch Etchachan

This small loch sits high on the Cairngorm plateau. Beyond lies the drop down to Loch Avon with Beinn Mheadhoin in the background.

d69de7a7.jpgCairn Toul

The summit of this four thousander gives fantastic views in all directions on a clear day and an interesting test of navigation on a not so clear day.

16d51cc8.jpgDevils Point

The original Gaelic name for this prominent hill translates as "Devil's penis" but that was deemed a bit risqué for polite company when the area was first formally mapped.

0a45e047.jpgThe weather is always bright and sunny in the Cairngorms. Well sometimes.

bee0ccde.jpg Cairn Gorm to Beinn Mheadhoin

Looking over a wintry plateau from above the Cairngorm ski area.

5405aea0.jpg Ben Macdui panorama

The high tops feature scrubby vegetation on the thinnest topsoil. some of the plants seem to grow straight out of the solid granite.

1221aaa4.jpgSunlit Tree Glen Derry

Glen Derry gives easy access to the eastern part of the Cairngorms.

00d9fe3b.jpgBeinn a Bhuird

Room with a view.

2a89f2b4.jpgNorthern Coires

This area is very popular with ski tourers, rock and ice climbers and hillwalkers. 

96f97828.jpgLoch Avon from Ice Cave

Looking down on the northern end of Loch Avon.

48afcbfd.jpgOnly hillwalkers would take a selfie that features their boots.

f2154c75.jpgLit Tarp

40e275c0.jpgSouthern end of Lairig Ghru

This twenty eight mile glacial valley connects Braemar in the East with Aviemore on the West and runs right through the middle  of the Cairngorms.

6fd0c3fe.jpgBeinn a Chaorainn

Not the most distinctive summit but this flat topped hill provides a great sunrise on an early approach.

ab227899.jpgBright lights but not a big city.

There's something special about being out in the hills on a clear night. The immensity and beauty of a starry sky is so hard to beat.

If anyone fancies a visit the original article gives some sources of travel and mountain information but if you want more detail then feel free to email me on

Hope you enjoy these and thanks again to Steven for the effort.

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Neil Smith

4 years ago #2

Thanks Pascal. I will of course, be claiming as much of the credit as possible despite minimal input. Sure, everyone knows that taking pictures is easy and that the captions are the hard bit.

Pascal Derrien

4 years ago #1

Stunning post on all accounts :-)

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