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7 months ago

Can I Call You John ?

Pascal Derrien · For those who know me you know that while I have a very strong incline towards punk I also have very eclectic tastes when it comes to music and this from a very young age. · In the mid to late eighties I had this friend in my first year of uni who was big into Americana and more ...

7 months ago

A Bee in my bonnet.

Neil Smith · In conversation recently with some experienced bloggers and copywriters someone said that a lot of her blogs came about as a result of her getting a bee in her bonnet about something which then became the inspiration for a story. This bee has been buzzing around my bonnet for ove ...

3 years ago

Try Honesty !

Pascal Derrien · Who would have thought that the king of BS on my right would be subject to stage fright ? Who would have suspected the queen of intrigues to suffer from mild mental fatigue ? Absorb your fears in an instant with a brain cake & a snow flake says the add on TV. When all you got to ...

5 years ago

Fat Chicken Or Fact Checking

Pascal Derrien · At a first glance the above look like a fat chicken well maybe it is maybe it’s not, personally I would like to think it’s a radish with some chocolate fondant on top or maybe it’s a wooden carved piece that has gone haywire I don’t know. Maybe you know, there seem to be so many ...

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