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3 weeks ago

On the road again

Neil Smith · I enjoy writing. It’s not the torture that some experience and the only major problem I have with it is that Life gets in the way too much. Without work, socialising and personal hygiene, there would be more time spent pecking away at a keyboard but a need to eat and not live in ...

5 years ago

If The Shoe Fits. . .

Neil Smith · Technical footwear fitting. · So you want to get fit for an adventure. You'd like to run a marathon or hit the Camino de Santiago or tackle the Appalachian Trail. You need to gather up some useful equipment; nothing too extreme just good quality bits and pieces that make life a b ...

5 years ago

The Jakub Chang O'Brien Bridge

Pascal Derrien · Dublin Jan 2015, like in many capitals in Europe; talks, articles and almost heated debates about migration and integration are common place due to the influx of Syrian refugees transiting from South East Europe. · Dublin 2065 April 20th, today is a great day for the established ...

5 years ago

For Those About To Start Up (We Salute You)

Pascal Derrien · The title of this article rings a bell especially if you like your rock hard and bluesy around the edges. It is obviously very largely inspired by The Band from down under. So what that got to do with start-ups will you tell me? Hang on a minute will you? Rock bands and start-ups ...

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