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4 years ago

I Will Be Who I Was ( Blues Theme)

Pascal Derrien · Oh Well Have we not already been here before !!! The you don't have to be old to be wise or the too old to die young. · The dancing drunken lullabies, the aches and pains with so little gains · The white buffalos and the dogs of war · The narrative who rhymes with hard times. · A ...

5 years ago

Relation Cheap

Pascal Derrien · Its not like as if we had met on line and then I started to call you mine · I should have known you were not a love leader but more likely a sentimental spammer · I should have noticed you were prone to behave like a teenager wandering at all hours  · A slight disillusion of gra ...

5 years ago

Try Honesty !

Pascal Derrien · Who would have thought that the king of BS on my right would be subject to stage fright ? Who would have suspected the queen of intrigues to suffer from mild mental fatigue ? Absorb your fears in an instant with a brain cake & a snow flake says the add on TV. When all you got to ...

5 years ago

Face To The Floor

Pascal Derrien · I can't move and I can't crawl so this must definitely not be your usual brawl · What If I could give the alert, my memory is not the target in fact it's very much alive and perfect, it's as sharp and robust as it can get  · I would almost forget I have just been lethally wounde ...

6 years ago

Little Man

Pascal Derrien · Of us, it is said that we are like twins · Yet at the moment it seems that only one of us appear to have a thick skin · Whatever is the trouble it's surely not about blowing the biggest bubble · I agree it's not easy to fit, where is it that you find the well known and fully grow ...

6 years ago

The Conversation That Never Took Place

Pascal Derrien · I wish I was not told to man up, I wish there was something else to deal with rather than this massive screw up · I wish to have walked paths less confrontational, there are a lot of good things to say about living when it is plain and conventional · From the big book of life, I ...

6 years ago

We Did Not Stop The Fire

Pascal Derrien · We did not stop the fire · As far as you are concerned the world is full of nice blokes, on that note allow me to choke · We did not stop the fire · You keep telling me you are a brave man and that you are doing all you can · We did not stop the fire · You keep telling me you are ...

6 years ago

Locked In

Pascal Derrien · Why would you undress your emotions when it is so easy to give in to inhibition? Why would you undertake such an expedition when it is so easy to go thru the motions? · Are we not all facing that dilemma at some point or another? What does it take to open the locker? · Some say i ...

6 years ago

So Tell Me

Pascal Derrien · So tell me little boy? · Do you think life is a perpetual decoy? · Will the future be built out of a kit? · Or do you think it will be based on our own merit? · -------------------------------- · So tell me young teen? · Is it bright or grim when you are fourteen? · What will you ...

6 years ago

People & Stuff : A Late Introduction

Pascal Derrien · If you happen to stumble upon my profile on beBee you may read than I am fascinated by people and their stories, you may have also but most probably not noticed that I often pre-empt my shares with a people & stuff tag line as a form of introduction. Speaking of which part of me ...

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