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5 months ago

Windswept and interesting. Iceland 2000 part three.

Neil Smith · The three zombies step back as the bus to Reykjavik comes to a dusty halt. We load our gear, hand over 4,500 kroner to the driver and climb on board. The coach is warm and comfy and stops at lots of interesting places en route. I point something out to the other two only to find ...

5 months ago

Lovin' a cold climate. Iceland 2000 part one.

Neil Smith · Iceland 2000. · The snow started to fall, the wind blew sharply across the campsite and the fabric of the tent was flapping. · I though, was flapping more as I tried to thread a second needle to fix the tear in the flysheet of the tent that was to be our home for the next month. ...

2 years ago

Greenland 1993. Part one.

Neil Smith ·   ·   · I wasn't always an outdoor store salesperson. Once upon a time I was an unemployed ski instructor who would have loved an outdoor store job. This is the story of how I spent the time after being educated and before I settled down to the joy of work, rent and bills. · The ...

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