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2 years ago

Down but not out in Paris. Part three.

Neil Smith · Working split-shifts meant that I had a few hours every day to do chores, go for a run or wander about town. After the first two weeks when the hotel was no longer taking the security deposit for the flat out of my wages, I found myself with enough extra money each week to do mor ...

2 years ago

Down but not out in Paris. Part two.

Neil Smith · The staff accommodation was small and busy. The three-room apartment would have been perfect for a small family or a couple. With my arrival it was the crowded home to two French guys, three Algerians and a bloke from Cameroon who had the dubious privilege of being my new roomie. ...

2 years ago

Down but not out in Paris. Part one

Neil Smith · ‘Vous voulez laver les vassailles?’ · ‘Oui.’ · ‘Mais Pourquoi?’ · I then pushed the absolute limits of my schoolboy French attempting to explain to the bemused man across the desk that I was inspired by George Orwell’s description of life as a scullion in ‘Down and out in Paris a ...

6 years ago

Eight Days A Week

Pascal Derrien · After The Party · What a heck of a party that was. It was morning, it was roughly around 6.30 and I was heading back into sobriety territory. I was sitting on the rooftop of a fancy duplex somewhere in the North of Paris. I really had a smashing view of the city from this posh ap ...

6 years ago

Anger: Hostility Towards The Opposition

Pascal Derrien · ‘’a strong feeling of displeasure and belligerence aroused by a wrong’’ · One of those dark November evenings when the dinner turned out to be an unusual mediocre display of my mum’s culinary skills, anger invited itself to our moderate rent apartment on the 3rd floor of a small ...

6 years ago


Pascal Derrien · The phone box has a touch of red rust on its top, it’s not overly surprising when you think about how battered by the elements this place must be. The weather is not always clement in the parish church of Our Lady of Croaz Batz. Not much sheltering either for the handset hanging ...

6 years ago

Hare Guitar

Pascal Derrien · Yo Bunny B. here, I am in the house well actually it’s not my house it’s Pascal’s and he wants to take the mic to talk about music & stuff. Thanks Bunny B. bro or should I call I call you Long Ears it sounds more Cherokee like and it’s better for the street cred but well anyway l ...

6 years ago

People & Stuff : A Late Introduction

Pascal Derrien · If you happen to stumble upon my profile on beBee you may read than I am fascinated by people and their stories, you may have also but most probably not noticed that I often pre-empt my shares with a people & stuff tag line as a form of introduction. Speaking of which part of me ...

6 years ago

A volcano, a bit of History and a road trip

Pascal Derrien · The Context · Before I jump into the heart of the matter, I think a bit of context and storytelling landscaping is necessary to fully grasp the volcanic aspect of what I am about to share. I rarely speak about my day job but I suppose I can make an exception and I also believe in ...

7 years ago

I Can't Speak

Pascal Derrien · Soft feminine voices inviting me to follow them this is what I recall alongside this small but very bright light at the corner of my line of vision. I feel calm, restful and secure. · I open my eyes, the first thing I feel is this massive headache, my body aches from head to toes ...

7 years ago

Thank You For That

Pascal Derrien · Here I am again on the doorstep of a life house full of dust and decorated with tasteless broken windows. It’s cold and warm, its dark and bright, it’s uncomfortable at times but it is my house with its rotten foundations and hidden alcoves and I thank you for that. · Its maybe i ...

7 years ago

The Virtual Hug & The 21st Century Hippies

Pascal Derrien · I started to plan the basic elements of this article probably on the 10th or 11th of November, I had something light hearted in mind, something about virtual communities and how content loaders and other aspiring writers are changing the world. I was thinking about how social med ...

7 years ago

Hold Up @ The Memory Bank

Pascal Derrien · While I think we may touch on how memory is the process in which information is encoded, stored, and retrieved* this article is not going to be a write up on the latest technology development. November is remembrance month and today I would like to talk about memory loss. But bef ...

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