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4 years ago

Dance O'Reilly Dance !

Pascal Derrien · 2024 Somewhere in the suburban area of West Dublin, at an early city council meeting you could hear a local politician quoting a UK official statement made in 2016:’’We need to talk about the impacts of immigration in a level-headed way, as well as to provide more help for new mi ...

5 years ago

Happy St Patrick's Day From Irish State Figure Jakub-Chang O'Brien

Pascal Derrien · Dublin 16th of March 2048, Taoiseach (Prime Minister) Jakub-Chang O`Brien is sitting at his desk in the Government buildings, tomorrow he will deliver an address to the nation at the occasion of the national and iconic St Patrick on the 17th. · It is around nine o’clock in the ev ...

5 years ago

The Jakub Chang O'Brien Bridge

Pascal Derrien · Dublin Jan 2015, like in many capitals in Europe; talks, articles and almost heated debates about migration and integration are common place due to the influx of Syrian refugees transiting from South East Europe. · Dublin 2065 April 20th, today is a great day for the established ...

5 years ago

Jakub Chang O`Brien an Irish Childhood

Pascal Derrien · Technically speaking I was an only child, due to a very nomadic lifestyle and with no Social media availability in those days I used to create imaginary friends to bridge the gap of friendship and entertainment. Now an adult I have many people around me I can call friends however ...

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