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3 years ago

What's Cooking ?

Pascal Derrien · It's Winter at the moment, I know that's not breaking news for most of us on the northern hemisphere. It means colder but also shorter days and longer nights. It also means my son's trainings have migrated a few weeks ago from the grounds nearby to the GAA lights equipped pitches ...

3 years ago

Forget Me Not

Pascal Derrien · This is a story about execution and execution is not a topic which is handled and spoken about lightly at End of Life HQ (E.O.L). In fact it's their raison d'etre if you see what I mean. But for context purpose, allow me to recapitulate the most recent series of events for you. ...

4 years ago


Pascal Derrien · Giuseppe a.k.a Pepito is a 13 year old boy from Firenze (Florence) and spends most of his summers at his cousin's house on the Tuscany coast. His cousin's home is located between Follonica and Pisa near the small village of Galiano. Marcello that's the cousin's name is 11. He has ...

4 years ago

Herbert The Coin

Pascal Derrien · My name is Herbert and I am a 2 Euro coin. I was born in 2007 as part of the 2 series baby boom. I will have my tenth birthday sometime this year. I was originally born in Spain but my mum and dad are respectively from Ireland and France. · As it is the case for us change cubs, w ...

4 years ago

School Run

Pascal Derrien · If your native language is not English, a school run on this side of the Irish sea usually describes the action to drop off and pick up kids from schools. For most nine year olds it is common practise that their parents drive, cycle, walk or accompany them to school in some shape ...

5 years ago

I Was A Teenage Anarchist

Pascal Derrien · The bridge from 1989 to 1990 was significant for me, I had left university for good in June of that year, well I suppose some may say university had left me long before the official date so let’s consider that the break up was amicable. I worked hard that summer at a local superm ...

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