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1 year ago

Non-essential items that will make your Kilimanjaro hike better.

Neil Smith · Many years ago, I flew out of London to climb Kilimanjaro with a couple of friends. Within an hour of landing in Tanzania I stepped out in front of a car at the airport terminal and, twenty-four hours later was back in London with a broken ankle. · This article is by Mary Gunnin ...

3 years ago

Psstt...Or The Ballad Of Billy & The Kid

Pascal Derrien · Billy Joel's first album with Columbia was Piano Man, released in 1973, I was four years old maybe or something like that. My first memory  of him though would come much later with the release of the massive hit ''Honesty'' that inundated the radio waves worldwide. I remember bei ...

4 years ago

Tissues & Issues

Pascal Derrien · Let me take you on one of my bi-weekly Saturday morning stroll in Dublin City. Every two weeks my daughter and I are heading to town for her French course at the Alliance Française in Kildare street in Dublin. My other half and I have adopted a divide and conquer approach on Satu ...

4 years ago

Dance O'Reilly Dance !

Pascal Derrien · 2024 Somewhere in the suburban area of West Dublin, at an early city council meeting you could hear a local politician quoting a UK official statement made in 2016:’’We need to talk about the impacts of immigration in a level-headed way, as well as to provide more help for new mi ...

5 years ago

Frozen Lives & Broken Souls

Pascal Derrien · The Berlin Wall fell in 1989 and by 1990 I had already made the decision that I would travel to what was called the satellite countries, I would go accompanied or not but I would go no matter what.Travelling on a low budget I found myself heading to Poland, Romania, Hungary and t ...

5 years ago

Thank You For That

Pascal Derrien · Here I am again on the doorstep of a life house full of dust and decorated with tasteless broken windows. It’s cold and warm, its dark and bright, it’s uncomfortable at times but it is my house with its rotten foundations and hidden alcoves and I thank you for that. · Its maybe i ...

5 years ago

Dublin Marathon. A Love Story.

Neil Smith · This was originally written for an Irish sports website and subsequently posted on LinkedIn. · I am a pretty keen runner and over the years have taken part in a few marathons. When people find this out I am sometimes asked which I would consider to be my favourite. In order to be ...

5 years ago

Rock It To Fitness.

Neil Smith · Lots of us want to be fit. We train, practice and sweat it out to perform better at our chosen sports and feel better and more confident in ourselves. · Sometimes though we all just get to a point where we seem to have stalled and the joy goes AWOL from our exercise routines. · T ...

5 years ago

Saturday On Earth

Pascal Derrien · The 460-foot-long Asteroid 2013 ET was set to whizz past Earth on a Saturday in 2013 – the latest in our planet’s galactic ‘pinball contest’. Earlier that day, the 2013 EC20 passed even closer, and both within a month of the Chelyabinsk meteor’s Earth strike. The enormous piece o ...

5 years ago

Back To Front

Pascal Derrien · This is Back to Front Day in Ireland today, a day where all the migrant minorities in the Country take over and are in charge on all the key aspects of the social and political life on the Island. The run management of the nation is therefore handed over to the 700 000 thousands ...

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