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2 years ago

Is Capitalism Out Of Control? The Answer Is...

Pascal Derrien · Funny times around us at the moment. Nobody is too sure who is behind the wheel and for those who claim to be, its pretty unclear if they actually know what they are meant to do!!! I am probably stating the obvious here but does it not seem to you that the whole thing is spiralli ...

4 years ago

The Conversation That Never Took Place

Pascal Derrien · I wish I was not told to man up, I wish there was something else to deal with rather than this massive screw up · I wish to have walked paths less confrontational, there are a lot of good things to say about living when it is plain and conventional · From the big book of life, I ...

5 years ago

Rock It To Fitness.

Neil Smith · Lots of us want to be fit. We train, practice and sweat it out to perform better at our chosen sports and feel better and more confident in ourselves. · Sometimes though we all just get to a point where we seem to have stalled and the joy goes AWOL from our exercise routines. · T ...

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