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4 years ago

Armed & Dangerous

Pascal Derrien · My parents named me Corentin, I don't know if it was a reference to a long gone king or to a founding saint who got Brittany's heart pounding. Anyway, I am Corentin G. Seven hundred and eighty. That's the cell number of the prison where I am meant to stay forever. I am Corentin G ...

4 years ago

Tri Martolod

Pascal Derrien · Tri martolod, trois matelots, three sailors that’s what Mr Le Boulch’ our teacher explained to us the song is all about. I am in CE2 Cours Elementaire deuxieme annee in a small town called Lanester, on the other side of the bridge sits a bigger town called Lorient, this is Britta ...

4 years ago

Scratching The Surface

Pascal Derrien · One life I'm gonna live it up, I'm takin' flight, I said I'll never get enough- · Judas Priest – You’ve got another thing comin’- · You remember I told you once about a school trip to the sea somewhere in Brittany. It had begun like any jolly all happy and full of energy. I even ...

5 years ago

The Cave In The Basement

Pascal Derrien · November 1978, somewhere in Brittany it is about 6.30 in the evening, it’s dark it’s cold and I am sobbing. I have some difficulty to come to terms or comprehend how I have ended up in the basement of the 5 storey building surely a 10-year-old should be watching his favourite TV ...

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